Warehouse setup

Picker, Packers and Orders are always in sync

Similar to an efficient restaurant kitchen setup, with hand off from front of house staff to back of house cooks. Your orders, pickers and packers will work in sync.

Recommended For

We recommend using realtime warehouses in Pikr, if your workflow:

  • Has multiple staff picking orders at the same time
  • You want to more efficiently handle the picking and packing workflow
  • You want to automate orders that are assigned to pickers
  • You are looking for a fulfillment system that will allow you to scale up the number of pickers and packers as required. (E.g. Black Friday, Holiday periods)


Let’s start by defining some important terms that you’ll need to know:


In Pikr, a warehouse can manage physical picking and packing for multiple Shopify locations. Each warehouse has it's own:

  • Pickers
  • Pack Stations
  • Totes

Note: Each Shopify location can only belong to 1 warehouse.

Order Statuses: Unlocked, Locked for Picking, Locked for Packing

On Hold - Fulfillment hold. Order will not be available for pick and pack.

Unlocked - Unfulfilled orders not yet assigned. (Available to pickers and pack stations)

Locked for Picking - Assigned to a picker using the Pikr picking app.

Locked for Packing - Assigned to a Pack Station using the desktop app.

Skip Pick and Pack - Process order directly using orders table. Useful for local delivery, pickup and digital orders. Order will not be assigned to pickers or pack stations.

Workflow overview

Once setup, your fulfillment workflow should look like below:


  1. From mobile or tablet device, open the Pikr picking app. (If new, go to https://app.pikr.com.au/pair)
  2. Login using their staff login details. Begin a new picking run.
  3. Unfulfilled orders automatically assigned to picker.
  4. Scan and pick order items.
  5. Transfer to Pack Station.
  6. Begin a new picking run.

Pack and ship stations

  1. Select a picked order from station queue.
  2. Package the picked items.
  3. Buy and print shipping labels.
  4. Fulfill and close the order.
    1. Or place the order on hold.
    2. Or partially fulfill the partially picked order.


Can I use the orders table also?

Yes. The Pikr orders table is the master view and central control center for all your Shopify store locations and warehouses.

In the context of picking and packing, you can use the orders table to:

  • Place orders on hold - this will also remove the orders from the pick and pack queue.
  • Release holds - order will be available for picking and packing.
  • Unlock orders - this will unlock orders locked for picking and packing.

Can I use an external barcode scanner with the picking app?

Not currently. The Pikr picking app has a built-in barcode scanner that you can use to scan picking tote barcodes and product barcodes.

Compatible with common product barcodes (UPC, EAN, Code 39-128 etc.)