How to test automations

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Test automations

From the automations page, go to the top right and click on Test on Orders > Test Automations.

All your saved automations will be tested on unfulfilled orders.

View applied automations in the orders page

From the orders page:

1. Press the Columns button

2. From the dropdown menu, toggle the Automations column option - this will make it visible in the table.

3. Click on any table cell underneath the Automations column. A popup will list all automations that were applied:

  • Test automations have a Test label
  • You will be able to view what conditions the order met
  • and the automation action that will be applied (when not testing)

Important note: When testing, automation actions will not be applied on the order.

Automations are run once on any new and unfulfilled orders when first synced into Pikr.