Create a shipment

Head to Orders via the sidebar menu.


From the All Shipments column of the orders table, click on the box button. 


To add more shipments. Click on the Add Package button. You will be able to edit the packaging dimensions and the order items in the package, click Save to load the new changes.


From the Prices column of the orders table, click on the Refresh button.


To edit extras for the shipment like signature on delivery and insurance, click on the Extras column of the orders table. Click on the Buy button to confirm the shipping label. 

To print the shipping label, click on the View Label button in the bottom left corner notification or press the arrow expand icon in the Prices column. 

To bulk print multiple shipping labels, head to the  Shipments page via the sidebar menu.


Once all items in the order (requiring shipping) have been shipped, you will be able to fulfil the order. Click on the Fulfill button, in the Actions column of the orders table. A fulfillment notification with the tracking details will be sent to the customer and the order will be marked as Fulfilled.