Troubleshoot Errors: Creating shipments

Common Errors

Australia Post and MyPost Business
Error Message Solution
Customer address: suburb, state and postcode combination are invalid.
Please check the address and try again.
Check the destination (customer) address fields:
  • City (Suburb)
  • Province (City)
  • Zip (Postcode)
Unable to pay for the order using the STORED_PAYMENT payment method Your credit/debit card linked to your MyPost Business account has:
  • insufficient funds
  • OR your bank has placed a temporary charge block on Australia Post (this may happen if you buy many shipments in a short time period)
    • simply contact your bank

Customer Address

To view and edit a customer address from the orders hub:
  1. Go to the Destination column of the table.
  2. Click on the cell, a dropdown will appear.
  3. Check that the customer address is correct.
Note: Any changes will also be saved to Shopify.

Common Address Errors

We recommend using Google Maps to quickly verify.

  • Postcode (Zip) does not match the provided City (Suburb)
  • Spelling errors:
    • State (Province)
    • City (Suburb)
    • Email
  • Accidentally including postcode, city on the same the address fields.
  • Some shipping carriers require a valid email or phone number:
    • Check email or phone number is valid.
    • Use a placeholder, if they are missing:
      • Email ( or Phone number (e.g. 0400000000)
  • Address is not specific enough
    • Unit/House Number is missing

Package Dimensions and Items

To quickly edit the shipping packages for an order, from the Orders Hub:
  1. Go to the All Shipments column of the table
  2. Click on the button with a box, a popup should appear.
  3. You will be able to:
    1. Edit the dimensions and weight of the package
    2. Item details in each package

Common Errors

  • 0 items in the package:
    • To fix, adjust the quantity of items.
  • Packaging dimensions exceed limits
  • Total weight exceeds limits

Your Origin (Sender) Address

To check and edit your sender address from the orders hub:
  1. Click on the Address Button at the top of the order table toolbar.
  2. Save your changes.
All new shipping labels will use this sender address.

Common Errors

  • Make sure you have set the following for your sender address:
    • Phone/Mobile Number
    • Email
  • Shipping carriers like Sendle and MyPost Business require a valid mobile number to book pickups.