Default shipping labels

To setup default shipping labels for each shipping method.
This example shows how to setup default labels if the order has Express shipping:

  1. Where Shipping Rate is 
  2. Express
  3. Set Cheapest Shipping Label:
  4. Select all the shipping options you want to use
      • E.g. If you want to use MyPost Business - Express Post as the default, then you would set:
        • B21 Express Post
        • B20 Express Post - 5kg max

Split orders into multiple shipments

  1. Where Destination Country is domestic
  2. OR 
    • Destination Country is international
  3. Split Shipments By Weight
  4. Specify a value for the maximum weight of each shipment (E.g. 5000grams)

Handle preorders using order tags

If you use order tags in Shopify to identify pre-orders, you can setup an automation in Pikr to automatically 

  • hold fulfillment (order status will be changed to On Hold)
  • and pause pick and packing. (Order will not be assigned to pickers)
  1. Where Order Tags
    • contains
    • preorder (Set this value to what you use to identify preorders e.g. PREORDER, pre-order etc.)
  2. Hold Fulfillment